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Brilliant Kool Deck;

Our job is to give you the best price for your project, as well as our professional expertise. Allow us to give you the complete price for the project, and then it is your decision. So contact us today, and at least find out the "pricing".

Our Installation Partners will say: "We are a company that provides impeccable service, on time, at a fair price. I have more repeat customers and referrals, than I do new-customers, which shows the level of customer support we provide. We do the job right the first time There are no surprises, period."

Preserving and enhancing Home and Kool Deck Floor Surfaces, as well as other concrete surfaces, is a skill that can only be perfected through years of experience and love for this profession.

A lifelong dedication to quality and meeting each client’s satisfaction means every Home or Garage Floor project is done to perfection. We guarantee the polymer process will turn your floor into a beautiful durable look. How is this done? Ask us!

Our recommended Epoxy Polymer Floor craftsmen have been trained with the skills of a time-honored tradition. We take pride in using specialty tools and chemicals. We understand how materials reacts in various environments, so we customize every job to the situation.

We are experts in transforming your home and garage floor to an excellent look as well as highly reducing the required surface maintenance. Please check our references before you decide.